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For Paws Animal Shows

Find out about For Paws Animal Shows:

Our presenter Eileen (BA, MA), has a background in archaeo-zoology, natural history and education.

Eileen has worked within the education departments of several renowned museums, including the Discovery Museum, Arbeia, South Shields Museum, Corbridge Roman Site, Housesteads & Killhope Lead Mining Museum. Putting together museum interpretation and school/visitor programs and tours.

Growing up abroad Eileen has explored exotic rain forests, deserts, wetlands and coastlines from Asia to Africa. Often involved in conservation projects, such as the Cheetah Conservation Project based in the Kalahari, Botswana where close encounters with black mambas and big cats are a common occurrence! (Click on Cheetah for more info)

Eileen's passion for education and natural history is deeply ingrained and we can't think of a better way of sharing this than through our unique educational workshops! So why not book a session today?!

You'll want to do it again and again!

Our Animals

Many of our animals are exotic and require specialist care, something which we are fully trained in. Naturally our standards of care are high and we have a strong relationship with Gateshead Council.

Registered with our local vet, our animals are health checked.

@for_paws HQ 

@for_paws bunny soaking up some rays!

@for_paws HQ

Why us?

Passionate about education and learning


Most of our animals have been re-homed

Fully licensed, DBS checked and hold PLI £5million

Call Eileen on  

07960 90 43 92